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Hello. My name is Cremer and I'm a third (pushing fourth) decade face beard with fluctuating sleeping patterns, a mostly decent imagination and an “I can do anything” attitude.

I am a natural leader and creative problem solver with a soft spot for post production. I have worn many hats and possess the unique ability to occupy a variety of creative, technical and administrative roles -- more often than not simultaneously.

I take pride in my constantly evolving approach to all aspects of film and television production and believe that every challenge is a new skill waiting to be unlocked. It is this resilience that has allowed me to flourish in a fast paced and high pressure environment.

Well that, or my unwavering persistence. Probably both.
Oh, and I am a freelancer, so you can totally hire me.


Cremer is a God. Amazing team player, great eye, gets great performances and even better it all cuts together into bangingly cool sequences. He’s everything you could you want from a director. Fast? Yup. Organised? Very. All round team player? That too. He’s a moden day Tarantino with a bloody great beard. Talented, committed and just the best person to have directing your show you can hope for. Quarx has so much to thank him for - amazing performances, pumping sequences and he planned it all so well that he got through twice as much as any normal human.


Jasper James

BAFTA, RTS & Emmy Winning Producer
Founder of Screenglue, Wide-Eyed Entertainment and Impossible Picture

Cremer is mature beyond his years, and yet, tapped into the heart of urban youth culture, bringing the perfect directorial knockout combination to any production. His unsurpassed editorial eye brings stories together with vigour and aplomb, his attention to detail makes the rest of us look like amateurs and honestly his dedication to his craft is to be admired. Would I recommend Cremer? - I am not sure I would recommend anyone else.


Rory Mark

Head of VFX at Refinery

Cremer is a firecracker of Talent and Energy. He understands storytelling and is a master of constructing the narrative. With experience way beyond his years, his can-do attitude and attention to detail make him my first choice every time, a complete end-to end solution. When I shoot, I shoot with Cremer.


Graeme Carr

VFX Supervisor and Motion Specialist at Luma

The ElasticBrand had the EXTREME pleasure of working with Cremer on a project for FNB eBucks. The project was a very complicated and technically challenging brief! Cremer and his team were instrumental both technically and creatively in putting together the 13 screen projection mapped video production with surround sound!!!


Bryan Smith

Owner & Operator of ElasticBrand

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